Thanks in part to your passion and support, we’ve defeated dozens of anti-reproductive health laws and ballot measures since 1993, expanded access to health care services for Oregonians, bolstered sex education standards in schools, and advanced racial, gender and economic justice.


  • Passed the Reproductive Health Equity Fund, a first-of-its-kind $15 million investment to meaningfully support communities hardest hit by abortion bans.
  • Collaborated with state agencies to fully implement the Reproductive Health Equity Act, hold insurers accountable for noncompliance and reimburse anyone who was wrongfully charged.
  • Joined the Reproductive Health and Access to Care Work Group to create policy, administrative and budget proposals that will expand equitable access to reproductive and gender-affirming care.
  • Worked in coalition to ensure farmworkers are paid for the overtime they’ve earned; create universal legal representation for Oregonians facing deportation; and reform our justice system.


  • Achieved an 88% winning rate in electing school board candidates who support accurate, inclusive sex education.
  • Passed the Equal Access to Care Act, which puts health equity — not profit — at the center of every healthcare merger and acquisition.
  • Passed the Telehealth Equity Act, which ensures coverage of telehealth services.
  • Worked in coalition to reform our childcare system, strengthen supports for LGBTQ+ students and expand access to voting, menstrual products in schools, HIV prevention medication and healthcare coverage regardless of immigration status.


  • Ensured that abortion, family planning and gender-affirming care were defined as essential health services during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Flipped three seats across the state House, Senate and Secretary of State office to pro–reproductive health champions


  • Passed the nation’s most progressive paid family and medical leave law
  • Made historic investments in our K-12 public education system through the Student Success Act
  • Secured driver’s licenses for all Oregonians, regardless of citizenship status
  • Secured prepaid postage for mail-in ballots to make voting free in Oregon, with every single mailbox becoming a dropbox


  • Defeated Ballot Measure 106, a backdoor ban on safe, legal abortion
  • Protected healthcare coverage for one in four Oregonians with Ballot Measure 101
  • Passed legislation to review extreme disparities in maternal mortality among African-American mothers


  • Passed the Reproductive Health Equity Act, the most progressive reproductive health policy in the U.S.
  • Expanded Oregon Health Plan to cover all children and teens, regardless of immigration status
  • Adopted legislation expanding access to vasectomies, one of the most effective forms of birth control


  • Worked in coalition to secure a higher minimum wage


  • Passed landmark legislation making Oregon the first U.S. state to guarantee 12-month birth control access
  • Worked in coalition to pass paid sick days and to “ban the box” on job applications, expanding employment opportunities for people with prior convictions and arrests


  • Achieved 89% success rate in our endorsed races and unseated two longtime Oregon Right to Life allies
  • Kept constitutional amendment to prohibit access to medically necessary abortion coverage for low-income Oregonians off the ballot


  • Passed bill to promote early detection of breast cancer
  • Launched statewide outreach program to help uninsured Oregonians understand and enroll in Affordable Care Act


  • Won 100% of our targeted races, regaining a pro-reproductive health majority in the Oregon Legislature
  • Kept constitutional amendment to prohibit access to medically necessary abortion coverage for low-income Oregonians off the ballot


  • Endorsed candidates in every statewide legislative race for first time and made more than 250,000 contacts with voters
  • Passed bipartisan resolution in the Oregon Legislature to urge birth control coverage with no co-pays in the Affordable Care Act


  • Updated Oregon law to ensure all students receive age-appropriate, medically accurate sex ed
  • Passed legislation to allow patients with sexually transmitted infections to leave doctors’ offices with medication for partners
  • Helped ensure all Oregon insurers provide coverage for HPV vaccine to address the cervical cancer epidemic


  • Passed landmark act requiring all prescription drug plans to cover birth control and provide emergency contraception in ERs to rape survivors


  • Secured permanent coverage for vital reproductive health services like annual exams, Pap tests and pregnancy
  • Helped Oregon become second state in country to require insurance coverage of lifesaving breast exams


  • Passed funding to give every sexual assault victim in Oregon a medical exam, regardless of ability to pay


  • Approved Medicaid expansion to provide free or low-cost access to birth control for low-income Oregonians


  • Secured coverage for vital reproductive health services like annual exams, Pap tests and pregnancy, with renewal every six years
  • Helped Oregon become seventh state to establish felony charges for blocking access to medical facilities
  • Required Oregon schools to provide comprehensive curriculum if they offer sex ed

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