Sex Education

Accurate, inclusive sex education saves lives.

It helps young people navigate relationships, make healthy decisions about sex, learn the proper way to use contraceptives and birth control, navigate gender identity and body image issues, and prevent unintended pregnancies.

We’re fortunate that comprehensive sex education standards are mandatory in Oregon. But most school districts across the state lack adequate funding to provide a curriculum that’s accurate and inclusive. Inconsistent quality of programs leads to inequities in the information and skills that young people receive, based on where they live.

We can do better.


Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon advocates for comprehensive sex education in schools, so that every Oregon student has the information they need to make healthy, informed decisions about sex, birth control and pregnancy. This includes policies that strengthen statewide sex education laws and increase funding for district sex ed programs.

We also fight to make sure Oregon school district plans are inclusive of LBGTQ+ identities and experiences, which helps dismantle stigma, challenge bias and cultivate understanding among students.

We work with local leaders who support inclusive policies as well as access to comprehensive sexual health education and school-based healthcare services, including contraceptive access. Together we can meet the needs of students in all communities across the state of Oregon.

Check out our legislative priorities and see how you can make a difference.

The people are on our side

  • 93% of parents say sex ed in schools is extremely important.
  • 1.5 million people of all ages receive education and outreach from Planned Parenthood every year.