What We’re Fighting
for This Year

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon uses all the tools in our toolbox to pass laws that make sexual and reproductive health care — including abortion and sex education — accessible and affordable for all Oregonians.

2021 Legislative Priorities


Protect Funding for the Oregon Health Authority (OHA)

The OHA funds the Oregon Health Plan and Reproductive Health Program — two landmark programs that ensure low-income Oregonians can get the full spectrum of reproductive health care they need. Join us to keep the Oregon Health Authority fully funded.


Expand Access to Telemedicine

With telemedicine, people in remote areas or with few transportation options can access high-quality health care from home. By passing the Telehealth Equity Act, we’ve ensured that telemedicine coverage and reimbursement is on par with in-person services, a crucial step in advancing health equity.


Put People First in Mergers and Acquisitions

The health care needs of Oregonians should be front and center in each health care merger, acquisition and affiliation. The Equal Access to Care Act creates a robust oversight process for these transactions so that low-cost, essential health care services remain a priority.


Cover All People

This legislation reduces healthcare costs, addresses health disparities and protects Oregon families and communities, regardless of immigration status, through affordable and accessible healthcare coverage.


Invest in LGBTQ+ Student Success and Safety

Studies suggest that inclusive sex education helps reduce bullying and improve outcomes for LGBTQ+ students. With Senate Bill 52, Oregon districts will be better supported in providing health education that’s inclusive of LGBTQ+ identities and experiences, helping dismantle stigma, challenge bias and cultivate understanding and acceptance.


Give All Oregonians a Fair Shot

The fight for justice and equity does not end with the right to make reproductive and sexual health decisions. The fight must include advocating for people to have the power and resources to raise their families in safe environments and healthy communities, with equitable access to justice, education and opportunity. Our Fair Shot Agenda includes a number of bills that address these systemic inequities.

Take Action

Send a message to state and local leaders, sign up for an event or share your reproductive health care story. It only takes a few minutes!

Woman in denim jacket stands outside on a sidewalk holding a sign reading, "March. Vote. Win."