Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon Proudly Endorses Tina Kotek for Governor

Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon today proudly announced its endorsement of former House Speaker Tina Kotek for Governor. Abortion access is being dismantled nationwide. In this dire landscape, Oregonians have the opportunity to elect Kotek, a fierce reproductive healthcare champion, as their next Governor.

The Supreme Court has already decimated abortion access in Texas with its inaction and green-lit the unraveling of abortion protections around the nation. By this summer, the court could officially erase nearly 50 years of precedent and the constitutional right to abortion. Tina Kotek is the candidate with a proven track record of passing landmark progressive legislation, even in the toughest of economic and political times. Following the election of Donald Trump, Kotek had the foresight to lead Oregon in passing the Reproductive Health Equity Act, the most progressive reproductive health policy in the nation. Thanks to her leadership, the right to abortion is protected in Oregon, regardless of what happens at the Supreme Court. 

“Tina is hands down the proven reproductive health champion Oregon needs to be our next Governor. At a moment when Roe vs. Wade hangs by a thread before the U.S. Supreme Court, Oregon needs a Governor who not only believes abortion must remain legal and accessible, but who will champion bold policies that expand access to reproductive health care for Oregonians and anyone who might be forced to travel to our state for care,” says Beverly Pearman, Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon Board Chair. “States like ours have long been leaders in the fight for reproductive freedom, but in this crisis moment, it is critical that we do more. We trust Tina to fight for the future of all Oregonians.”

A graduate of University of Oregon, Kotek started her career as a policy advocate for Oregon Food Bank and Children First for Oregon before being elected in 2006 as State Representative of House District 44 (North/Northeast Portland). In 2013 she made history as the nation’s first openly lesbian House Speaker; if elected, she would be the nation’s first openly lesbian Governor.

Kotek has an unmatched record of passing legislation that supports Oregon families and dismantles the structural barriers that have left Oregonians fighting to survive. From raising the minimum wage to investing in child care and passing the most progressive paid family and medical leave policy in the country, Kotek has consistently prioritized policies meant to create an Oregon where everyone has the chance to thrive. She has worked to expand access to health care, while addressing social determinants of health like housing, income inequality, quality education, discrimination and racial injustice. Under her leadership, Oregon has time and again led the nation and set the standard for passing the strongest and most inclusive policies that advance reproductive freedom, healthcare equity and economic justice. 

“I am honored to have the support of Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon,” Kotek says. “Oregonians deserve a leader who doesn’t just talk about the importance of defending reproductive freedoms and abortion access, but a leader who has the experience and the know-how to deliver on those promises. With the partnership of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, we passed the nation’s strongest abortion access law and expanded access to reproductive health care for all Oregonians. We cannot rest while reproductive justice is under attack across the country. As Governor, I will work to ensure that all Oregonians, and any of our neighbors who seek refuge for reproductive health services in our state, have the access that they need.”

Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon believes Kotek is the candidate in this gubernatorial election who is best prepared to defend and advance reproductive justice and equity during this unparalleled moment of crisis in the reproductive rights movement. We are proud to endorse Tina Kotek and will work tirelessly to elect her as Oregon’s next Governor.