Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon Statement on Gubernatorial Race

Statement by An Do, Executive Director, Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon:

“As we saw recently in Kansas, voters are energized and motivated to fight back to protect their health and rights following the elimination of the federal constitutional right to abortion. Anti-abortion politicians across the country should brace themselves to feel voters’ wrath come November. 

“Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon strongly endorses Tina Kotek for governor because we know she is the reproductive health champion Oregon needs to meet this crisis for health care and human rights. As House Speaker, she worked tirelessly to safeguard abortion rights in state statute, to pass the nation’s most progressive reproductive health policy and to make Oregon the nation’s easiest place to get birth control. She also supports innovative solutions like the Reproductive Health Equity Fund, a first-of-its-kind investment to help rural and underserved Oregonians access the essential care they need and to help Oregon health centers meet the needs of an anticipated surge in out-of-state patients.

“Meanwhile, both of Tina’s opponents oppose the Reproductive Health Equity Fund. Both of Tina’s opponents are using the same language being pushed by well-funded extremists who are creating a false panic about sex education and equity work in schools. Both voted against legislation in 2021 that would make sure reproductive health services are protected during healthcare mergers. In 2015, Besty Johnson voted against a bill that helps patients keep their reproductive healthcare choices private.

“The overturning of Roe v Wade didn’t happen overnight. June’s decision was preceded by decades of states chipping away at abortion access one law at a time. Abortion is safe here in Oregon because we had champions like Tina Kotek who prioritized protecting reproductive rights and expanding access to care before this crisis came to a head. 

“We cannot take anything for granted. We know anti-abortion politicians and extremists will not stop until abortion is banned everywhere, including here. This election hugely impacts the future of our rights, freedom and health care. In this post-Roe landscape, we need leaders who will be a champion for abortion access. Tina Kotek is the candidate Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon trusts to defend and expand access to sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion, in our state.”