Use Your Political Tax Credit to Defend Reproductive Freedom in 2022

Did you know you can make a donation to Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon … at no cost to you?

It’s true! Every year, the Oregon Political Tax Credit allows individual Oregonians to give $50 to their favorite political cause and receive this full amount back at tax time. (Couples filing jointly can get a refund for up to $100!) In other words, the state gives you a $50 or $100 gift to donate to the political cause of your choice. It’s a full 100% dollar-for-dollar credit, not a deduction!

The stakes could not be higher for our 2022 midterm elections. Next year, the Supreme Court will be ruling on a pivotal abortion case out of Mississippi that could hollow out Roe v. Wade and upend nearly 50 years of precedent. Nearly half of U.S. women and people who can become pregnant — that is 36 million people — could lose the right to access an abortion imminently. The threat to the constitutional right to an abortion has never been greater. 

We’ve already gotten a preview of what a post-Roe world could look like: Abortion is now virtually inaccessible in Texas, where right-wing politicians enacted a radical law banning abortion at six weeks — before most people even know they’re pregnant. In 2021, a record-breaking number of anti-abortion and anti-transgender bills were introduced and enacted in state legislatures across the nation. 

State elections matter. A lot. And Oregon has some big races in 2022.

Every time reproductive rights are under attack, Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon stands up and fights back. We build political power from the grassroots to educate and mobilize voters, and we win big — electing champions for sexual and reproductive health care, rights and education up and down the ballot. In the past two years alone we:

  • Proudly endorsed candidates in more school districts across Oregon than ever before this year — and 50% of them were first-time candidates; 60% were Black, Indigenous and People of Color; and 88% won their races. In Salem-Keizer, we had a major coalition victory by flipping 4 board seats and ensuring Latinx representation for the very first time in a majority minority district with 45% Latinx students. 
  • Quickly pivoted our electoral work online during the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. We fought hard for our candidates — making calls, sending texts and building digital power. Ultimately, we won 75% of our endorsed races, including flipping seats in the Oregon House and Senate and for Secretary of State.

If we learned anything in recent years, it is that we can never be complacent. The stakes are too high and the impact too great. Ours is a people-powered movement, and we will keep fighting for systemic change so that all people can live their lives free from discrimination and government control over their bodies and can access the reproductive health care they need. 

We have to organize, mobilize and fight to ensure that Oregon remains a leading state for reproductive freedom, not just for Oregonians but for every person who may need to come here to get the care they need and deserve. Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon will be there every step of the way to elect champions who will fight for reproductive freedom for everyone — regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status or income level. 

Join us. No matter what you can contribute, every dollar matters in this fight.

With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the time to claim your Oregon Political Tax Credit before it expires. Please click here to make a donation today.