We won’t back down. Here’s what you can do.

The Supreme Court just took away our constitutional right to abortion. This gives politicians new power to control our bodies and our freedom.

By severely limiting abortion access for millions, politicians will cause immediate harm and force people to travel hundreds (sometimes thousands) of miles for care — if they have the resources.

Reproductive rights are human rights. Anti-abortion politicians are taking away our power to control our personal decisions — and Oregon is not immune from these attacks. Rural Oregonians will be directly impacted by Idaho’s trigger ban, and for many people in our state — like people with low incomes; Black, Latino and Indigenous people; and people without immigration documents — systemic racism and discrimination means the right to abortion has never been guaranteed.

But this fight is far from over. Together, we can and will protect and care for each other and fight to increase abortion access in every community:

Oregonians want abortion justice, and our right to bodily autonomy is not negotiable. Thank you for staying involved in this fight!